Girl Goes Naked?

Well, is back and a friend who was around for the initial launch has repeated his suggestion for the relaunch.   He suggested the entries needed a little “spice”.    I know him well and considered what he could mean and replied,  “You mean sex?”  He said, “Well…, yes”.  I answered, “Oh, something like “Girl Goes Porn?”  He seemed a bit surprised but said, “Yeah!  Okay! That works!”   UGH! Men!

Well, of course we aren’t going porn so don’t “unfavorite” the site just yet.  It did make me think about men and women and our approach to nudity and carnal desire.  Boys like naked girls.  They just do.  Lest you think I have lost my moral compass, let me just remind you that God Himself told us about that in chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis.  In fact, in Genesis 2:25, “they were both naked and were not ashamed.” While Eve had to be persuaded by the serpent using logic, emotional reasoning and the desire for wisdom, Adam simply liked what he saw and Bon Apetit – he did eat. 

Is it an uncalculating, uncontrollable, natural affinity for simple physical pleasure that drives this?  The topic made me think of the apes we saw on the island of Gibralter.  The male apes sit around and masturbate.  No shame, no blame, and they are just as happy as, well, satisfied apes.  Okay, I know, animals do all sorts of nasty things.  Let’s take it to the innocence of young humans.  A few years ago, I asked my then 8 year old son’s psychologist about his constant fondling of himself.  He always had his hands in his pants!  She said all men and boys would have their hands in their pants several times a day in public if they could get away with it.   My cousin’s son at the age of three was holding himself.  She asked if he needed to go to the potty.  When he said no, she then asked, “Then, why are you holding yourself?”  His reply was simply, “Because it feels good.”    Girls seem less inclined to do this.   Are men just that much more into simple physical pleasure and stimulation?   You know Playgirl went defunct while Playboy continues to thrive.   There will be plenty of time for discussing the differences between men (and we love men so there is no bashing here!) and women, especially as it relates to dating and romance. 

So, back to spicing up the site.  I know that my reader has a point.  I am a marketer by nature, education and trade.  Sex sells.  Look at  Extra Mustard is a section that has plenty of at least partially naked girls.  It is from espn (the sports channel) that my 10 year old was introduced to and consequently asked me about erectile dysfunction.  Of course, I explained to him that it was a condition much like allergies.  I dread the day he gets a runny nose and tells the teacher that he has erectile dysfunction…but I’ll worry about that later.  I digress- let’s get back to Girl Goes On.  I don’t think that we will introduce the section Girl Goes Porn, but I do want to generate interest and market to our male readers.  Should we have a guest contributor for a guy’s perspective?  Should we solicit advertisers like Viagra?  How can we tastefully capitalize on the proven notion that sex sells?

How about a contest?  When we reach 10,000 fans on Facebook or 100,000 readers per week, we will post “nekkid” pictures!  That’s it!  So, guys, what are you waiting for?  Spread the news, send the link, get your friends to visit, read and become fans of the site…..

With or without  fig leaves, Girl Goes On!

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